Find the right balance

The B-Trust platform is built on a highly flexible flow engine that connects business processes, external datasources, innovative third-party integrations and applications.  We integrate our system with yours in real-time to deliver our seamless Class-A solutions.

Flexible Workflow & Collaboration Tool, Dashboards and Reporting

B-Trust enables cross-departmental collaboration on cases through a fully configurable and flexible workflow tool. Dashboards and reporting capabilities allow managers to monitor progress and statistics in real-time, as well as to automatically create management reports.

Complete Individual and Corporate Compliance Management

B-Trust is designed to help companies manage the compliance risk for both individuals and corporates. Manage your customers, employees, third party vendors or M&A targets from a single dashboard.
B-Trust is so flexible platform it allows you to define your own use cases and workflows, alongside the processes, tasks and apps you need for automating the compliance process end to end.

Advanced Identity Management and Onboarding Toolkit

Seamlessly onboard clients with revolutionary onboarding tools that handle compliance, sanctions and traditionally manual tasks. Post-onboarding, continue to manage the entire lifecycle of their identity, through any changes or stages of their customer journey.

Extensive Marketplace for API Integrations

B-Trust enables companies to use our own proprietary applications, as well as those provided by third party developers and leading Fin-tech, Insur-tech and Reg-tech suppliers.