Hassle-free, low-cost digital transformation and compliance for your business

Versatile workflows, customer journey, compliance,
and identity management in one platform.

Revolutionise your business agility with a premium process automation platform.
GeniusHub provides highly performant Know Your Client (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Anti Money Laundering (AML) technologies blended in one end-to-end solution.

Whether in the form of a fully managed SaaS platform or an on-premises solution, it is the ultimate compliance suite. A solid basis for continuous compliance and customer lifecycle management.

Support your business’s future development with a world-class digital transformation platform that masters identity management, compliance processes and integrates flawlessly with any tier application.

Intuitive digitisation toolkit with dashboards, workflows, reporting, and collaboration instruments

Advanced identity management
and onboarding toolkit

Adaptable and personalised compliance management and customer due diligence

Intelligent Marketplace for API Integrations

Facial Bio-metrics
Voice Recognition
Iris Scan
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Fingerprint Check
One Time Password (OTP)
Live Verification

Innovative identity management capabilities and flexible onboarding toolbox

Supercharge your business’s digital transformation now!

Our ever-evolving next-gen platform B-Trust features a powerful command centre integrated into its main dashboard allowing the execution and supervision of the whole client journey. In one place. From onboarding to closure. Frictionless and in real-time.

B-Trust presents a complete compliance solution by incorporating a sophisticated identity management engine, flexible workflows, customisable forms, and the latest best practices. No matter your company type and requirements.

The platform allows advanced personalisation, integration with virtually any application that you might find useful and is multi-language.

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can help your organisation:

To ensure continuous, up-to-date compliance with regulations and minimise sanctions.

To access expert our state-of-the-art identity management suite.

To automate manual tasks quickly and easily, reduce operational costs, and streamline processes.

To improve customer experience, client retention rates, and your business overall agility.

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million users across the globe

GeniusHub powers digital transformation.
Sustaining ambitious businesses to evolve
digitally and strive.

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With our code-free platform and in-depth industry knowledge, we help companies transform manual processes into digital experiences at fractions of the cost and time.

Relying on our extensive industry know-how and innovative code-free platform, companies can create memorable digital experiences for their customers in a matter of days, hassle-free and with a minimum cost.

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GENIUSHUB® caters to a wide range
of industry sectors:

Public Sector
Insurance (Retail/Corporate, Transport/Cargo)
FinTech (E-Wallets, Cryptocurrencies, NFT Platforms)
Banking (Retail, Corporate, Commercial)
Investments (Asset Management,
Wealth Management)

Media and Advertising
Commerce (Retail and Wholesaling)
Legal consultancy
Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
Healthcare and Aged Care

Human Resources
Transport and Logistics
Vehicle Rental
Travel and Leisure
Utility providers

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