Next Generation Platform for Fraud Prevention & Security & Compliance Management

Proudly servicing 100M+ Users & 70+ Institutions globally with our Class-A platform that connects business processes, external datasources, & innovative third-party integrations & applications in a real-time flexible flow engine

Flexible distribution of data and information throughout the organisation across multiple teams.

Simple no code configuration of new flows and apps reflect regulatory or business changes in real-time.

Define your own data structures to streamline integration and lower the barrier to entry. B-Trust does not require a specific data structure.

Trusted by some of the world's best known institutions who take security
as seriously as we do.

Accelerate KYC, KYB, & AML  

Digitise Compliance Controls & Identity Management throughout the entire Business Value Chain

Best-in-class compliance certified

Benefits of the B-Trust Platform

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Including AML, sanctions, FATCA, CRS and more

Track & Manage

Track identity lifecycle, manage onboarding, continuance verification, identification and more

Complete Identity Suite

Complete identity suite including state-of-the-art onboarding technology

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate with third party supply chains

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor compliance in real-time through key risk indicators and key performance indicators

Real-time Monitoring

Reduce operational costs and manual touch-points

Complete Individual and Corporate
Compliance Management

GeniusHub designed its service to help companies manage the compliance risk for both individuals and corporates. Manage customers, employees, third party vendors or M&A targets from a single dashboard. GeniusHub provides a flexible platform allowi each business to define its own use cases and workflows, alongside the processes, tasks and apps for automating the compliance process from end to end.

Specialised Sectors

Banking and Asset Management
Corporate & Institutional Banking
Commercial, Business & Retail Banking
Asset Management
Wealth Management

Retail Insurance
Corporate Insurance
Transport & Cargo Insurance

Credit Card
Credit Loan Issuers
Credit Card Companies


Digital Wallets