How The Platform Works

B-Trust is a high-level, agile, end-to-end digital
transformation platform.

Digital transformation increases process efficiency by over


Source : Forbes

Take your business to the next level with a flexible and completely customisable workflow design tool for cross-departmental and external collaboration.

Dashboards, reporting, audit capabilities, and digital documents reduce manual tasks, allowing the team to remain productive. Furthermore, the technology facilitates real-time monitoring of progress and insights into statistics.

Digitisation Toolkit

Intuitive digitisation toolkit with dashboards, workflow design, form designer, reporting, and collaboration instruments.

Define and access compliance processes like Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, Anti Money Laundering from one simple dashboard. Individual and corporate compliance and due diligence processes have just become more manageable.

You have complete freedom to automate your compliance processes with your workflows, applications and procedures, from start to finish.

Via a smart process automation tool, B-Trust will deliver a comprehensive customer outlook.  Reveal corporate shareholders and screening relevant entities and persons for sanctions, adverse media risk and politically exposed persons (PEP). All this, in accordance with your defined AML policies and guidelines.

Entity Case Management

Adaptable and personalised
compliance management and customer due diligence

"Gain complete control over your existing onboarding process whilst managing end-to-end client lifecycle process to further ensure a superior customer experience, better time management and reduction in spend'.

Count on innovative tools to smoothly onboard new customers in accordance with your compliance policies. Constantly synchronise and update to keep up with regulatory changes with no effort, during the customer journey to avoid fraud and sanctions.

Onboarding Portal

Innovative identity management capabilities and flexible onboarding toolbox

To offer the best alternatives for your business, you have a rich and valuable marketplace at your disposal. So you can identify the most convenient option among those provided by leading tech companies and expert developers.

The flexibility lies in developing your API when you can't find the suitable feature needed.

The marketplace continues to grow and has many contributors, including World-Check, Vonage,
Bureau van Dijk, etc.

API Builder and Integration

Facial Bio-metrics
Voice Recognition
Iris Scan
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Fingerprint Check
One Time Password (OTP)
Live Verification

Our identity verification tool kit

How can your business benefit from B-Trust features?

Quick and easy
implementation -
can save time by deploying
and using in days.

Shrink costs and increase
revenue -
Shorter sales cycles
are the result of automating
repetitive, manual tasks so your
team can devote more time
to customer support.

Improve customer experience - Accelerate customer onboarding
and shrink client abandonment
caused by cumbersome due
diligence processes. And get an
edge over the competition.

Minimise compliance risks,
streamline Know Your Customer
and Anti Money Laundering
processes -
Comply with
regulations in a better way,
prevent fraud, minimise exposure
to sanctions and fines.

Emphasize productivity,
remove redundant
compliance tasks -
workload, eliminate manual
steps and human errors while
facilitating remote support
for your team.

Monitor and manage the
compliance process in
real-time -
Continuously track
the customers’ identity and
journey, manage onboarding
and perpetual verification
based on the key risk and
performance indicators.

Hassle-free digital
transformation journey for
your business -
provides customisations,
training, technical support and
guidance throughout the

Maximum technical flexibility -
Unlimited integration options
via API allow integration with
your current line of business

Count on a secure digital
environment -
Your data,
both in -transit or at rest,
is always encrypted.

We are certified!

State of the Art Data
All data is encrypted
individually and owned/
controlled by you

Bank grade encryption with AES-256 and
SHA-512 means your date is safe from end to end

Our platform and service
is IS027001 cetified to
give you peace of mind

GDPR Compliant
You’re compliant from
day one, with full control of your data

B-Trust's Compliance Certifications: